First 5 Minutes: Strategies for Building Patient Trust
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Access expires on 03/24/2026
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Experience and patient feedback tell us patients are more willing to follow medical instructions when they feel understood. They also have better long-term health outcomes. Getting to know your patients in the short window of time you have is challenging. Now, we have a way to help establish that connection faster and more meaningfully.
The content in the First 5 Minutes®: Strategies for Building Patient Trust program is based on evidence-based skills that are proven to help develop trust with your patients. You’ll also increase the quality and efficiency of your practice, enhance your sense of enjoyment in your work, and be able to connect with individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. 
The Fundamentals modules share strategies for quickly creating rapport, responding with empathy, and building your relationship. Expert faculty analyze videos of clinician-patient interactions and highlight where the clinician excelled and where there were missed opportunities.
In the Skills Practice modules, you’ll apply your empathetic listening and communication skills by conversing with a simulated patient. These virtual reality modules can be accessed through your computer or on an Oculus headset.
  • Engage in self-reflection to identify your own assumptions about patients
  • Illustrate rapport skills to establish trust with the patient
  • Apply the “what else?” approach to elicit all the patient’s concerns
  • Categorize the patient’s concerns and clinical goals to create a plan for the visit
  • Practice open-ended questions to build a relationship with the patient Use PEARLS to demonstrate empathy in conversations
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