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CHEST immersion training will provide comprehensive disease state knowledge of bronchiectasis including underlying pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment options, management, and co-morbidities. Training will include a 3-part webinar series, a 1 day in-person and spaced learning in between. The program will focus on bronchiectasis patient experiences with a focus on patient centered care. We will take a deep dive into the intricacies of bronchiectasis providing participants with an understanding of its etiology, risk factors and underlying mechanisms as well as current clinical guidelines for diagnosis, management and treatment. It will also give an overview of current obstacles to both diagnosis and care of these patients that are encountered in the clinical setting.

CHEST will create a learning experience for participants that leverages the principles of adult education theory. Adult learners often have diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and professional goals. Content for the bronchiectasis emersion training will be presented in a variety of engaging modalities including self-directed learning and active engagement to enhance engagement, knowledge acquisition and content retention.

Some of the webinar topics will include:

  • Pathophysiology of bronchiectasis (vicious vortex concept) and distinguishing from other respiratory diseases (COPD and Asthma in particular)
  • Delay in diagnosis and challenges in the community setting
  • Clinical presentation scenarios and manifestations based on etiology
  • Current management and treatment of bronchiectasis with emphasis on airway clearance and prophylactic antibiotics (macrolides and Inhaled antibiotics for pseudomonas)
  • Treatment of bronchiectasis exacerbations
  • Management of co-infections with staph aureus, NTM, aspergillus
  • Dealing with co-morbidities- malnutrition, anxiety and depression, hypoxemia
  • Endotypes in bronchiectasis
  • Future landscape and therapies of NCFBE
  • How the US and international registries will impact care

The curriculum was developed by leading experts in collaboration with the CHEST Education team and is delivered by expert faculty in bronchiectasis.

CHEST three-year certificate of completion will be given to those who successfully complete the longitudinal program. Which will include a personalized certificate, as well as earning the right to display the CHEST Seal of Completion on business cards and/or electronic signature.

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